Professional cleaning machines

With Vaclensa you have a trusted equipment and service partner that understands the need for continuous innovation to deliver advances in performance, productivity and reliability. Our machines are designed and manufactured by professionals for use by professionals.


Cleaning performance

We select the products in our range based on their outstanding cleaning performance or ability to complete complex cleaning tasks with ease. We work with our customers to understand the level of cleaning performance they require for specific cleaning tasks so that we can make informed product recommendations.

Ultimate productivity

Exceptional efficiency

For many customers productivity is of the utmost importance. Our machines are innovative, designed to maximise productivity and operational efficiency, with advances in productivity control, the expansion of our cordless range and the introduction of autonomous robotics being examples of how we pioneer new technologies to enable customers to maximise their human resources.


Maximum uptime

Minimum downtime

Products are only added to our range if they meet our demands in terms of overall product quality, durability, reliability, longevity, and their suitability for the environment in which they will be used. This ensures they perform continuously with maximum uptime and minimal downtime and extends product lifecycles allowing customers to continue to operate machines for many years.

One-stop shop

Multiple manufacturers

We offer a one-stop shop for all your professional cleaning machine needs, with a range of products in every category and the freedom to source products from multiple manufacturers to bring you the latest product innovations.

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Pioneering innovation

Technological advancement

We are experienced at pioneering new products, services and solutions that are at the forefront of technological advancement in our industry. Forward thinking and focussed on the future we lead the industry with innovations such ServiceDesk, Advanced Productivity Control, Cordless technologies and intelligent Robotics and we continue to work with the leading manufacturers to bring you the latest cleaning technologies.

Continuous improvement

Enhanced performance

We repeatedly analyse fault and repair data recorded at each service callout to identify quality and performance issues. These issues are then captured in our continuous improvement programme which drives new product development and existing product enhancement to re-engineer solutions that improve cleaning performance and maximise machine uptime.

Competitively priced

Highly flexible

We are highly competitive on price, and work with customers to provide a product and service package that matches their budget. We are also highly flexible with products available for hire (one-hire), rental, purchase or lease.

Adaptive customisation

Effective personalisation

Our machine range is highly customisable; we offer products in a range of colours with additional personalisation such as own-branding being popular choices for many customers.

Highly serviceable

Easy to use, simple to maintain

Our products are incredibly easy to use, simple to maintain (without tools) and highly serviceable giving customers a futureproof solution and extended product lifecycles that allow them to operate machines for many years

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