At Vaclensa customer care is all important, that’s why we have dedicated customer care and technical support teams who work continuously to provide customers with support every day, 364 days a year. Of course real customer care is much more than simple phone support, and that why as a Vaclensa customer you benefit from a much more extensive care package that forms the core of our service delivery.

Product recommendations

Site survey

As with all relationships, they begin with a conversation. At Vaclensa these conversations swiftly progress to a site visit and survey where our team work with you to understand your specific requirements for both machines and their service and maintenance.

Products overview

Expert training

Professional installation

Having ordered the machines that meet your needs in terms of cleaning performance, productivity, and reliability, we configure them to your specification and complete a pre-delivery inspection to ensure they are ready for use upon arrival at site, they are then delivered to site and professionally installed. Following delivery and installation your staff are professionally trained by one of our Expert Trainers in the correct, efficient and safe use of their machines.

Large scale mobilisation

Professional deployment

We are highly experienced and have a proven track record when it comes to large scale mobilisations, where customers purchasing high volumes of machines intended for use at multiple sites located throughout the UK choose Vaclensa to ensure they are delivered, installed and staff trained, often within tight deadlines. When requested we will also collect any equipment that is being replaced.

All-inclusive service

Knowing that our customer’s need simple, accessible, cost-effective and futureproof service solutions, we developed TotalCare, considered by many customers to be “the best all-inclusive service solution in the industry”. TotalCare provides complete cover against all repair costs including callout, labour and spare parts as well as accidental damage and misuse, it is completely cost transparent.

Sameday service

We’re on our way

Many of our customers operate large fleets of professional cleaning machines at multiple locations throughout the U.K. and their uninterrupted operation is considered business critical. For these customers TotalCare is the simple solution offering same day service onsite nationwide with complete piece of mind.

Service Kit and DocBox

Simple and effective solutions

TotalCare is designed to deliver maximum uptime so machines such as Scrubber Dryers and Sweepers purchased with TotalCare are supplied with a complimentary Service Kit minimising unplanned machine downtime. TotalCare customers also receive DocBox, our exclusive onsite solution for machine documentation including quick start, daily maintenance and troubleshooting guides.

“Not only is TotalCare an all-inclusive service package in its own right, it also includes access to a unique range of value added support services including HelpingHand, ExtraTuition, and HealthCheck.”

Helping hand

Just when you need it

Helping Hand is just one of the complimentary support services customers receive with TotalCare, where we deliver additional support, additional ExpertTraining and troubleshooting. This helps ensure staff onsite are confident in the correct, efficient and safe use of equipment, and able to undertake simple maintenance to maximise uptime, leaving them free to focus on their cleaning task.

Extra tuition

Extra support

All service call data is recorded and analysed in order to identify sites that require additional support. We then offer Extra Tuition where we routinely visit these sites to understand in detail the problems they are experiencing and determine what additional support or training we can provide to improve performance and machine uptime.

Loan machines

Like for like

From time to time our engineers encounter more complex machine faults that may require additional spare parts from our distribution centre to complete the onsite repair, in this instance TotalCare customers automatically benefit from a free like for like loan machine delivered to site so you can keep on cleaning with minimum downtime and complete piece of mind.

Portable appliance testing

12 monthly onsite

TotalCare customers also benefit from an annual site visit where each customer machine is visually inspected, and an electrical safety PAT test completed. Again additional support, Expert Training and troubleshooting are offered. PAT test data is synchronised with AssetCare, our asset management solution, with all records accessible and reportable in a range of formats.

Performance management

Pro-active care

A unique element of our service provision is pro-active performance management. We record and analyse all service data within ServiceDesk, to identify performance statistics, and trends. We produce management information measured against customer specific KPI’s and agreed SLA’s and offer a suite of reports including ‘asset spend’ for regular review and discussion.