Black is Green

Vaclensa has replaced its long-standing C167PT tub vacuum cleaner with a new version made from recycled plastic.

The C167PT vacuum cleaner has been a staple product offering from Vaclensa for many years, but as we look to the future we have taken a serious interest in becoming a more sustainably conscious company and are looking more at our environmental impact.

Vaclensa Marketing Manager Daniel Cross said "as a company, we take great care in listening to our customers and working with them to ensure we provide the solutions they need. For some, innovation is a priority and for others it's sustainability, so here we have combined both into a single solution."

Naming this new innovation "Black is Green" the C167 tub vacuum has exactly the same technical specification as the previous model, except for the fact that the raw material is made from the best and carefully-selected plastic waste.

Manufactured through an innovative process which guarantees strict quality and safety controls, 'Black is Green' plastic has the same features of brand new plastic but is eco-friendly because 75% has been obtained from recycled material.

Daniel continues "in addition to listening to our customers we also have our own sustainability strategy and as a responsible company we want to help improve the environment by reducing plastic waste.

Recycled plastic produces no waste because it is itself recyclable and in compliance with RoHS and REACH guidelines as well as meeting TUV Certified recycling process and production."


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